Your Will

Isaiah 30:26

From this passage we can denote the extent that the Lord can move in order to redeem and bless His people. In the book Genesis 15: God made a covenant with the Israelites through Abraham that his descendants will be sojourners in a foreign and for 400 years and it was so. When this was fulfilled, He came with a mighty hand to deliver them. He sent a message through Moses to Pharaoh to warn him that Israel is His son.

You are the Israel of God, His first born, you are the best in the hand of God. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. But there is one thing that can stop the move of God in your life that is: your will power.

You were created by the will of the father coming together with the will of the son and Holy Spirit.  The will of the trinity works together in unison, if not there would not have been you. The desire of the Lord is for you to work in unity with Him. Your will should be in conformity to the will of God.

Your will is powerful, therefore without you cooperating with God through your will, God will not do anything in your life. He will never do anything against your own will. Whatever you want to achieve in life your will propels you towards your goal. No matter how tough the situation, your will shall   pull you through

To be continued.

Prayer point: Lord teach me to surrender my will unto you. Let your will be done in my life.

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