The supremacy of God

Textual source: Matthew 27:1-end, 28:1-2.

God is supreme, all-knowing and almighty. Whatever He says He will do, He will surely do it. I pray that every word of God concerning your life shall be fulfilled, He will do all that He has promised you in Jesus name. He might not come according to your own time, He might tarry for a while but in the fullness of His own time and season He will do come. It is not you who has promised yourself but the Lord.

According to the scriptures above, after Jesus was crucified, Joseph of Arimathea demanded for His body in order to give the Lord a befitting burial in the tomb he had prepared. After the burial, he rolled a stone against the door of the tomb. The Pharisees set a guard to watch over the tomb because they had the mind-set that the disciples might come during the night to steal the body of Christ, because Jesus had already prophesied before he was crucified that He will resurrect on the third day. They did not believe, they stood and fought against the truth.

Are you a doubting Thomas, are you sceptical about the truth of the gospel? Due to the situation or challenges you are going through, are you questioning the validity of the promises of God in the bible whenever you read them? I encourage you today to put all your trust on the finished work in Golgotha. Jesus said ‘’It is finished’’ to every works of Satan against your life on the cross. He has given you victory, He has justified you and set you free.

As the Lord has prophesied, He rose up on the third day, the stone was rolled away by the angel and he sat on it. What is that situation in your life that you are looking at and you are thinking in your heart that it is over. It is not over for you. Jesus lives, you can face tomorrow, He holds your future, He died to redeem you, He resurrected in order to justify you. The greatest advocate is Jesus. No one can condemn you when the Lord has made you free. Death could not hold Him down in the grave, therefore no power or forces can delay the promises of God in your life. Christ has conquered the grave, you live a triumphant life.

Prayer point: I pray that the resurrection power of Christ will dwell and touch every areas of my life that has been stagnant or dead in Jesus name. I am alive, well and blessed in Jesus name.

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