Sifting of the lord

Scriptural passage: Psalm 51:7-8

To sift is to put a fine or lose substance through a sieve so as to remove lumps or large objects

To examine something thoroughly so as to isolate that which is most important, to search through, analyse, to turn over, to explore, scrutinize, to investigate.

When we look at ourselves, we realise that we often fall short of who we might be. We can draw strength from the bible where we see so many characters that the Lord turned their lives around. The Bible made us realise that everything that God made is good, but the evil one is the author of sowing evil seed, but the bible says in John 10:10………..

 Let us look at some characters in the Bible:

Jonah: The book of Jonah: he was a prophet of God full of fear, he wanted things to go his own way. Much of our desires to control our world can be traced back to our own deeper fear. Fear of tomorrow, failure, I can’t do it, death, rejection, disappointment etc.

Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear erodes the covenant and promises of God for our lives.

God sifted his life and gave him His own way- Trust.

Jacob: what do you do when you can’t get something that you want, despite many positive choices, many times we lie, deceive, cheat.

Genesis27. But God sifted his life to the extent that He had to change his name. He met him at Penielv

Moses: a prophet of God that saw God face to face.

Numbers 20: some days we go along singing, smiling, and treating others with patience and kindness. We feel pretty good about our relationships. But then comes the night of poor sleep, combined with stress at work, no food in the fridge, and suddenly everyone around us seems in our way, or too loud, irritating, close the door too loud, non communicating, grumpy. We overreact, use excessive aggression. God will sift us of anger, bitterness, and give us gentle spirit in Jesus name

Peter: God is the giver of gifts, abilities, talents. He wants us to feel joy through our accomplishment in life, he wants us to feel significant, at the same time, we can be distracted by paying too much attention to ourselves, fame and not recognising our need for the lord.

Peter was overconfident in his closeness to Jesus that he felt he was better than all other disciples in loyalty to the lord. But he failed when he was tested. God sifted him and gave him humility- the most important key to spiritual growth.

Woman with the issue of blood: Mark 5:

 sickness sifted to woman with health and healing

Mary Magdalene: Luke 8:2 woman with 7 demons, spiritual husbands sifted to woman of virtue and glory

Jabez: child of sorrow sifted to man of riches and honour

In 1Chronicles 4, the record of the genealogy of Judah was interrupted because of the account of this man whose mother named the child of pain. But in verse 9 of that chapter, the Bible says he was more honourable than his brethren.

Today you and I will pray this prayer: Prayer:

King of glory, move in massively into every facet of my life and sift everything that opposes glory in my life.

Lord, every setback, rejection, disappointment, turn them to new appointment forme

every mocking thing in my life asking ‘where is my God’ Father, sift them away permanently today in Jesus name.

Father, if my destiny or my children’s destiny, my husband’s destiny has been tampered with, lord, transform it and restore it fully in Jesus name

Father, this year, keep evil far away from me and keep me far away from evil. Keep my family far away from evil and keep your church far away from evil.

Father sift through my life anything that can cause untimely death in my life, my husband’s, my children’s, don’t let us die before our time in Jesus name.

Father, keep me connected with you, don’t let me miss heaven.

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