Give me a Minstrel 2

When you minister unto the Lord, He always responds, we must take pause daily to worship no matter how busy our schedule is. Worship make God intervene in a supernatural way when you pray God send an angel, but when you worship, you provoke God’s personal involvement in that situation.

Every time we worship God is an opportunity for God to release into our lives all His goodness – healing, deliverance and power.

The man was the first being to be created and the first to experience the presence of God. A man that doesn’t worship is dangerous, but a man that worship receives the favour of God. God called David the man after His heart because David was a worshipper.

Mary, in John 12 was acknowledged by Christ when she expressed her intense personal devotion to the Lord by breaking open an expensive jar of alabaster oil and anointed His feet.

When you give your all to the Lord in worship, He will fill your life with living water.

Prayer point: I dedicate my life unto you as a living sacrifice, Lord help me to worship you all the days of my life.

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