Give Me The Minstrel

Scriptural passage: 2Kings 3:5-26

The kings in the above passage came to a conclusion that they had to wage war against their enemies, on their way, they realised that they had run out of water for the warriors and the animals, this can limit their strength to face the battle.

Water here denote Holy Spirit, I pray that you will not lack water in your race of life, your strength will not be limited, you will wax stronger spiritually and physically in Jesus name.

They approached the prophet of God to enquire of the lord, and Prophet Elisha said “what have I got to do with you”?

The victories you have in life has a lot to do with people you associate with and the people associated with you. It is very important to choose divinely the friends that you have, the people that counsel you and those who you look up to as mentors. If you walk with people who are favoured by God, you are bound to live a life of favour. If you move with people who are gossips, you will be a gossip, but if you move with worshippers, you are bound to be a worshipper.

According to the above response of the prophet, he would not have regarded or attended to the other kings if King Jehoshaphat was not with them. The fact that king Jehoshaphat was a king favoured by God, made Elisha to speak the heart of God upon their lives. Before he did, Elisha said “bring me a musician”, somebody that can worship.

A worshipper is not just someone in the choir team, or someone who can sing, but rather someone who ministers unto the lord. You are created to worship God, your household must be a sanctuary of worshippers. If you are a worshipper there is no mountain that you will not be able to bring down, no sickness or depression will be able to hold you down.

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