An exemplary assignment

Who is a father? A true father is the one who defines the earliest concept of God for his child, and family, by the relationship he has with them. That is: they are able to see the attributes of God in him.

The best father is one who has a vibrant fellowship with the heavenly Father and due to this, he has access to the Lord’s unlimited wisdom and vast resourcesEphesians 5:15-18.

Examples are: Noah in Genesis 7:5; the certain man in Luke 15:11-32

Before we look at the qualities of a Godly father let us look at some factors that we as members of the family must know in order to help and support our fathers or husbands to bring out the best in them according to the will of God for them. In order to do this we must know some truth about them:

  • Man is the most complex of all God’s creatures
  • He has high expectations for himself.
  • When he fails to attain his dreams, he experiences emotions that are difficult to handle.
  • He is always afraid of rejection, comparison to another man, or inability to satisfy his family.
  • He feels inadequate, insecure, frustrated and helpless as he faces challenges of life.

Knowing these truths will help us as members of the family (children, wife) to know that they need us to understand them, honour them, appreciate them, assure them, accept and love them.

Attributes of a Godly father: 

  • He is a man of integrity Job 31
  • He is an instructor: Duet.6:1-9/ Prov.4:1/ 6:20
  • He is a trainer: Psalm 78:5-7/ Prov.22:6 Not like Eli who ignored to train his children
  • He has a supreme authority but not oppressive: father, though he is the head of the family should allow his children to make their decisions and bear the consequences of their actions.
  • He determines the fate of his offspring: Gen.7:5; Matthew 2:13. By following God’s instructions, obeying the heavenly Father, Noah and Joseph were able to work with God in order to determine the destinies of their children.
  • He is patient and tender-hearted: Ephesians 6:4/Matthew 9:18-26. A temple official who came to Jesus frantic for his daughter’s healing.
  • Love all his children equally and unconditionally. He is not a father like Isaac who loved one above the other and caused division in his own home
  • Forgives without strings attached. He does not keep a record of wrongs in his heart. The certain man in Luke 15 did not.
  • Gives abundantly: he is a provider: he looks unto his heavenly father to bless him in order to be a blessing to his family.

The shelter and security provided by a godly father should give freedom for growth without overprotection from challenges or tasks that teach responsibility.

Disorder in society is the result of disorder in the family, our prayer is that the Lord will help fathers to rise up to this divine assignment and fulfil it. Let us endeavour to lead our children, family by Godly examples.

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